City in a Garden

City in a Garden
Only The Truth

Stanley StablesCASE CLOSED
Two young girls, Lucy 13 and Cindy 15, were found dead on the side of the road by an older gentleman jogging by named Mr Koontz. The 2 girls went missing on Dec 22 at 9pm. They had gone to the cinema and then vanished. they were seen a week later with 2 unknown girls and were seen getting into a dark sedan. Wilshire and Monroe were the local detectives on the scene. Lucy had broken legs and Cindy had been molested and stabbed in the chest with a wooden stake. The murderer turned out to be Tommy, a local goon working out of the George Stanley Stables (-vampire-) crime syndicate. -Strutz

The Case of the Missing VampiresCASE CLOSED
Muriel Sage is found dead in her bathtub by roommate Margie. It appears at first glance as though Muriel had slit her wrists after a relaxing dip in the tub. Great way to wind down at the end of a long day. Muriel was attempting to end a affair with Lloyd Wright to work things out with her husband Harold. Following a brief and non terrifying car chase, Harold is apprehended safely, mostly. A jury of his peers found him guilty of murder. Unjustly i might add. Murder is described as a person killing another person. Muriel at around 125lbs would have roughly 4.2 liters of blood. Mixed with the water was less than 1 liter. No worries though, not suspicious at all decides the 14th Chicago Precinct. Muriel didn’t open with straight razor used to kill her. She didn’t slash her own wrists down through the tendons either. She wasn’t murdered. She was eaten, so to speak. It was Vampires friends, vampires. 35,000 Suicides in 1950 alone in the US. Or so the government and Vampires would have you to believe. -Strutz.

The Lipstick Killer RevisedCASE CLOSED
Clarence Helzer is found murdered on her couch. No Struggle. Multiple stab wounds. Bloody knife in sink and bloody hand prints all over the walls and doorknob leading out. HELP ME I CANT STOP written in lipstick on the wall. The blood trail leads to Edgar Deets apartment upstairs. Suspect flees custody and takes a taxi driver hostage forcing the CPD to take his life. I interviewed William “The Lipstick Killer” Heirens. He was no murderer. Within days of his confession in open court, Heirens denied any responsibility for the murders. Mary Jane Blanchard, daughter of murder victim Josephine Ross, was one of the first dissenters, being quoted in 1946 as saying: “I cannot believe that young Heirens murdered my mother. He just does not fit into the picture of my mother’s death … I have looked at all the things Heirens stole and there was nothing of my mother’s things among them.” Clarence Helzer is no killer either. Nothing adds up. But what do I know about anything. Better luck next time GUMSHOES. -Strutz

If, in my short time on this earth, I have learned anything, It’s that Peter Rabbit would do well to stay out of Mr. McGregors Garden, and one does not wander into the Wisconsin woods on a Full Moon -Strutz

The Butcher of IrewoodCASE CLOSED
Menkin Georgia. Small town. Quiet town. Mostly void of sinners. Mostly, though not entirely. Irewood Plantation is a dying, drying farm harboring one widow. One Glenda-Lynn Tremble. When thing go bad, sometimes they go very bad. Her beloved husband Ustis dies and not but a day or so later he returns. In ghostly form only of course. Lights flicker on and off, pipes creek and Ustis wails. Salt and burn the bones me thinks. Though I’ve been wrong before, once, while intoxicated. Ustis like so many growing in years had a passion. Sin. Or the good riddance of it. So to speak. That and amateur brick laying. Ustis, it seems, had been kidnapping wanderers, passersby and any other wayward soul unfortunate enough to walk his way. 50+ missing persons over the years and most found their way into Old Man Trembles Tool Shed. Tool Shed indeed. A bit of scripture and one just seems to fall apart in dear old Irewood. The knife helped guide the way of course. Better the knife than the wall I’d say. Ustis walled up 15 or more victims one by one in his basement. We rescued a young maiden who rates her stay at Irewood low. Does not recommend to a friend. At the end though I guess the ledger reads 1 rescued by the home team, 50 saved by the Butcher. Salted and burned. Makes me feel better at least. A little better. -Strutz

The Never-ending RoadCASE CLOSED
What do I know about Trolls they ask me. Everything I tell them. -Strutz

I write this either to prove that I havent lost my mind or at least to document to last traces of it. For twenty-seven hours without pause I read and decipher the texts left to me by King Solomon the Wise. Easy. Most of the words and symbols I know, those I don’t know , I learn. The problem isn’t the writing. It’s the reading. When I begin to read a line, my mind fails me. Not a voice. Bees. A thousand Bees singing at once whisper at the back of my mind. Their wings speak to me a cacophony of darkness. FILTH! I forget words as quickly as I read them. UNWORTHYWRETCH. My eyes swim. I fight dizziness every moment. I AM BEYOND YOU LITTLE PRIEST My racing heart causes my hands to tremble. PAIN UNYIELDING. Its like trying to piece together a puzzle while someone scrambles it as you go. Thirty-two hours since I saw him. His eyes. Since he saw me… WORM! His eyes, miles of darkness. His shape impossible. He can’t be here.. Nothing so repulsive should walk where men walk. A monster. Worse. Abhorrent. INSOLENCE! Words cannot describe what eyes dare not to see. My father mocks me relentlessly while my mother spurns him on. Emma, a girl, the girl, torments me with her disappointed stare. I AM NOT HIDING IN THE DARK. Countless others, all lost, voices filling the spaces in my head. Overflowing. The dead mock me as a reminder that I’ve failed them. I will fail again. The buzzing grows. It screams. I AM THE DARKNESS! They aren’t real, I know. Not even ghosts. I’m sure. I fight to read. I fail. His eyes. Beautiful in a way. Power unending. He should not be here. SON OF DAVIDONLY ONCE. He is a greatness I am unworthy of seeing. NEVER AGAIN. I am blessed to have seen him. INFIDELS! I CHOOSE Nothing so glorious should walk where men walk. …I DECIDE. I try to drown him out. I push forward. Everything I have left. Everything I’ve ever had. I pour it into the text. A word. One word. I don’t read it, I can’t. I see it. I see it carved into the heart of my soul…a word. One word. ASMODEUS -Strutz

I’ll attempt to keep this brief as much for your benefit as my own. What I’m going to say seems outlandish in its best moments and impossible in its core. Here are the bullet points, a world organization of Nazis answering to the name The Hell Club is trying to bring in the Forth Reich and in so doing, effectively cleanse the world of life. Also there’s a dragon. The Hell-Fire Club proved that being outgunned and being out-manned has no baring whatsoever when you are utterly outmatched.

The Dragon I attended personally. I know what you’re thinking reader, It’s egregiously arrogant for anything less than an army to attempt to fell so mighty a beast, but I tell you now, the dragon tried. The dragon failed. MY crew, on MY boat? One dragon wishes for thirty.

Have you ever seen a robot? Have you ever seen two reduced to bolts and scrap by one another in a no holds barred grudge match? If not you can see it all in first person on VHS later this month when it’s distributed by Automated Auto Movies for $14.99. The car chases, explosions, gun battles, evil scientist ,eye lasers and werewolves are added for a nominal one time price of $3.25. When you want awesome, you want AAM.

A Demon, beaten before, clad in a new vessel, holds mass for the damned using an emotional tortured genius as a pawn. When you want to open a portal to the bad neighborhoods of Hell, you had better make sure that Jacques la Rouge, Miles LongGun and Olivier DemonPrince aren’t in Cleveland. When the darkness and fire you once called allies answer to a different master and your shields fail you, hope follows close behind.

America fought its way from the shadows. My only hope and final thought is that the rest of the world fared as well as we. If not, all hope may still be lost. Keep up the good fight people. Stay strong, stand tall and never stray from the light. For the last time, this has been George Strutz, signing out. -Strutz


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